At New Earth Cafe we use the best juicing machine in the world - the NORWALK juicer - to create life regenerating, cell restoring, living, enzyme rich cold pressed juices. These ELIXIRS of life have changed our lives and we are certain they will benefit yours too. Come in and taste the difference! We use only 100% certified organic fruit and veggies and you will love the amazing flavours we've created. All made with extra love, of course!

Check out our range of daily flavours in the well-stocked fridge.
All $ 10.00 & 500ml of Alive, Fresh Goodness!

Choose from Hot Chocolates that are Lavender, Peppermint, Ginger, Mocha and Chilli.
$4.40 Small - $5.50 Large

Or our Chai Latte Pot for $6.00

Eat Breakfast at Lunch all Day! And, delight your senses with our Living menu. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, For All Ages.

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Cool, delicious and fully nutritious....perfect on that HOT summer's day (or after a winter workout!).

All made from locally sourced, fresh and certified organic Fruits, Vegetables and Super Foods! All $11.00, 500ml. Boosters available ($2 each; super greens - Macca - Raw Cacao - Vegan Cultured Probiotic - Maqui - Vitamin C - Spirulina - Protein Powder - LSA

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