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We have created a place to Eat, Listen, Love & Learn.  Come down and enjoy it with us!

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A Raw Organic Plant Based Diet, Norwalk Cold Pressed Juices and Coffee Enemas have changed our lives and we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you!!


Why Raw Food? Cooking depletes the nutritional content of all our food by damaging the nutrients and vitality of the food and at the same time making it more difficult to assimilate the remaining nutrients.

At 45 - 48 Degrees the Enzymes begin to break down at around 57 degrees we destroy the vitamins and phytonutrients (antioxiidants).

Minerals are not effected by heat but as soon as we boil our foods a large portion of the minerals will be lost in the water.

DID YOU KNOW When we cook foods certain toxins and carcinogens are formed!

- Heated high-fat , high-protein animal foods create advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which have shown to increase blood pressure, dehydrate the body and accelerate the aging process.

- Heating starches with oils such as french fries, potato chips, breads, cookies and crackers creates acrylamids, substances proven to cause cancer in laboratory animals. (when ever you see a food that is browned, such as a loaf of bread, that is arcylamide).

- Cooking meat creates heterocyclic amines (HCAs), another carcinogenic compound. HCAs are most abundant in well - done, fried, and barbecued meats and have been linked to stomach, pancreatic, colorectal, and breast cancer according to the National Cancer Institute.

- White blood cell counts rise dramatically after eating cooked, canned and especially processed food this is called Pathological Leukocytosis and is the bodys reaction to a foreign invader. This does not occure at all when one eats Raw Plant Based Foods.

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